Independence Day, No Aliens

Funny thing: these shorts don’t really fit anymore and my thighs break my heart sometimes. Was that funny? I dunno. I don’t care. Because I’m me and nobody else so I guess I’m stuck with them. And, it’s only sometimes. Most times, it’s like honey. Honey thighs.


There isn’t any blatant red, white, and blue because. .well, I think that’s corny. I really do. If that makes me unpatriotic: oh well. But, maybe not that unpatriotic because I did wear red lipstick and my cutoffs are blue denim and my tank is an off-white/gray with black stripes and I don’t really need to justify this, do I?


Sun kissed is one of my favorite kind of ways to be kissed. I’m pretty much living in this hat this Summer. A light breathable tank helps gimme more room when I have a BBQ food baby. My cutoffs were shorts that I cut even shorter because it’s a free country. See what I did there? Heh heh.




Everything – Old Navy

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