Take Care

I am treating this blog like my photo diary. So, whatever I write here, let’s keep between us. Kay?


I’m taking some time off this week and I spent the first two days becoming one with the couch and catching up on The Walking Dead. Oh, and sleeping. And you know what? I don’t feel bad about it. I really don’t. And it sucks that I have to clarify that I don’t feel bad about taking time for self-care.


But now I’m telling you. It is ABSOLUTELY okay to turn your phone off (actually, I don’t even do that but I definitely turn it on silent and ignore notifications) and melt into the furniture because you’ve been going at a 100 for a while and that’s not always good for mental and emotional health.



I’m not a doctor or psychiatrist or any professional. But trust me: your body will thank you. Mine sure is. Just look at that smile!


These culottes are soft sueded and feel like butter. Tuck in a comfy breathable halter top, add a sunny floral headband, and it will be hard not to smile. And if smiling is the most you can do today, well then that’s a productive day I think. I’m here for it! And you!



Halter, sueded culottes – Old Navy

Sandals – Bamboo

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