Pizza + Noise

You’ll never find me making a whole lotta noise. Noise gets tiring really quickly for me. I’ll allow it on some occasions (making noise can be a necessity sometimes) but only for a brief moment before it just becomes dissonance.


I wouldn’t necessarily call myself quiet or soft-spoken, but I try to practice active listening. Sometimes that’s hard because I have much to say and it will threaten to bubble over. Other times, I will myself into silence because not everything requires my input.

Growing up, I was always being told to listen. Listen. Listen. I guess it just stuck.


Here are some things I will absolutely not shut up about, however:

  • Comic books & super heroes (the pin on my sueded mini skirt is of Nightcrawler!)
  • Relationships
  • Conflict (I HAVE to talk it out)
  • Food! So much food! Am I hungry? Are you hungry? Is there something we can do about it? What are we craving?


I love food. So, because of that, here are some socks with pizzas on them. I’ve always believed pizza can cure any bad day. Like, it just makes it all go away. Ya know?





Crop long sleeve – Forever 21

Sueded mini – Old Navy

Mini chain purse – Thrifted

Pizza socks – Forever 21

Corduroy chunky bow sandals – Rocket Dog

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