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March 2016


Tulle Promises

Do you remember the first time you fell in love? When did you realize it? And what made you realize it? For some people, it’s a touch, or a certain look from another person. For me, it was the sound of their voice. I would always talk to my love on the phone before bedtime (I’ll let you guess how young I was hehe). I’ve always been a sucker for a nice voice.


Anyway, that relationship ended up being trash and I have no regrets about dumping that loser. But, I still get all nostalgic for that first love tingly feeling every now and then. That’s what I’m thinking about here.


Ballerina-y tulle makes a full skirt so romantic and girly. Of course you’re gonna get swept up in memories of past romance. I prefer a dark widow-y type of coloring to mine though. Kinda like, I’m going to a funeral. A funeral for a relationship that died. Haha!


Fuck, this got really dark. I swear I’m happy. I’m just wearing black.

Okay, I’ll just go.



Dress w/ tulle overlay – Forever 21

Accesories – Old Navy

Ankle strap sandals – bamboo