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January 2016


Printed Jumpsuit Love!

So, I’ve been away! Finals and the holidays kept me so occupied that it was all I could do to wake up, stumble through my day at a barely functional capacity, and maybe speak short sentences. The rest of my time was about sleeping.

But I was struck by inspiration as soon as I laid eyes on this thrifted jumpsuit. It just screamed happiness and optimism! All the things I needed during this busy and stressful time.


It was perfectly loose in all the places that made it more forgiving to the less aesthetic curves: anyone that knows me knows I can usually be found in a comfy, slouchy silhouette that hides just enough of how much I love junk food.


The print was what I loved the most! It’s the kind of ankara print that I’ve been wanting to wear more and more but never knew where to begin! This is my start!


Can you tell how much I enjoy wearing it? And just look at the back!


In love!

I paired with an old canvas BCBG graphic clutch for that effortless, not trying too hard look. Which probably didn’t work because this jumpsuit definitely says, “Notice Me!” as opposed to, “This Old Thing?” And I love it. I finished with chunky platforms.



Printed jumpsuit – Thrifted

Chunky platform sandals – Call It Spring

Wooden Necklace, Dangle medallion earrings – Old Navy

Gold Cuff – Forever 21

Canvas “My Other Clutch is a Bow Clutch” zipper pouch – BCBG