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October 2015


Lace + Oxfords


As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, I’m challenging myself to hold on to Summer as much as possible. It’s probably because I’m used to very late Falls and shorter Winters: in L.A., we have heat waves well into October.


A playful lace dress (a trusty staple that I’ve worn a hundred times) and a medium-weight knit + oxfords is my compromise.

I’m meeting in the middle, my shiny, eggnog colored oxfords planted firmly on the ground.




Dress – JC Penney

Cardigan – Forever 21

Oxfords – Old Navy

Belt – Old Navy


Love Mustard

This season, I’ve had a love affair with the color mustard. It’s just one of those colors that every time I see it, my eyes are drawn to it. I cannot look away. And I don’t want to, honestly. It’s so rich and vibrant, full of vitality, and just speaks to me.


These tailored wool shorts from Old Navy were exactly the type of mustard-marigold color that I was feeling. And, as is my custom, to balance the vibrant, playful color, I paired it with something in an earth-tone, understated. This cream peasant blouse, also Old Navy, does the trick.





Blouse & Shorts – Old Navy

Mini satchel – thrifted

Lace up booties – Forever 21